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Top 10 reasons to use TROMjaro

A Trade-Free operating system based on Manjaro Linux

Here's what we think it is important for a GNU/Linux distro:

1. Freedom!

2. It pleases the user

3. Increases the system consistency

4. Improves the system adaptability

5. Improves the system performance

6. Improves system safety

7. Makes achieving a complex task be easier

8. Reduces user burden

9. Offers new use

10. Makes everything simpler

We challenge YOU to look at TROMjaro. All criticism is very much welcomed. We are trying to make TROMjaro score very high on many such relevant points.

  • Look and Feel. How flexible the desktop is and if it is consistent. PoP!_OS for example, looks great. Same is Deepin. Or Elementary OS. Even the KDE neon. But start installing QT/GTK apps and you'll see that they do not respect the theme at all. So they are very inconsistent. The GNOME Desktop is also not flexible out of the box, so this is a minus. The Plasma Desktop is too complex and can be overwhelming. So theme dark/light mode, and accent colors, are cool, and yet pointless when they can't change the theme for half of all apps…
  • TROMjaro's theme and Theme switcher works with like 95% of all apps, so it is super consistent. We have 6 layouts for the Layout switcher. We run XFCE so it is very fast. Speaking of that, GNOME may feel fast at first in a VM and looking at the RAM consumption will not tell you much anyway, but use Gnome for months and you'll see your computer slows down. We have done that.
  • Apps installation and availability. Can this OS provide me with an easy way of installing apps? Do I have access to most Linux apps via the “software center”? Again, Ubuntu and the like, provide a nice “software center” but you won't find that many apps there. So that's a big minus.
  • Back to TROMjaro we also have flatpaks + aur enabled by default, alongside manjaro's repos. So the apps availability is as good as you can get. One place to install/remove stuff. No need to use a terminal.
  • Dealing with files. People wanna click their videos, documents, photos and the like, and have them open with the proper app. How are these managing it?
  • We've also tested TROMjaro with a lot of file types (video, audio, text, etc.) to make sure they open with relevant apps.
  • How's the internet experience. Like what browser they use and such. Because the internet will be the most used part of a computer, most likely. And the internet is full of ads and trackers. Is the browser protecting the users from these!?
  • And our browser blocks all ads, trackers and sponsored YouTube content. Plus more!
  • Backups and stability. How stable is a system and how are they dealing with the backups. Is it easy to backup your system and files, then restore? With linux you kinda need a good backup and restore system.
  • Lastly we create automatic system backups before any important system updates.

So yah, Linux distros should showcase more than how pretty they are and that on the surface with their default apps. People who make such GNU/Linux videos should look deeper.

TROMjaro is a Trade-Free operating system, as described at, so you don't have to give anything in return for your operating system and you don't copy it illegally.

For Internet users, media editors/consumers, programmers, writers, designers, artists. Everyone!

Enjoy free and unlimited support. You can not only file bug reports (and you're encouraged to do so!) explaining what the problem is, but you can see what happens next: everything is open and clear for everyone.

TROMjaro desktop gives a better and elegant appearance, a better shape and design, also a better sensory appeal.

You get a next generation Gnome desktop environment customized with a unique but yet familiar look and feel. No big mess in your start menu, you get the preinstalled apps grouped by custom categories.

We think it’s easier to use than MacOS, better than Windows, more customizable than Android, and more secure than iOS.

Too many windows? Use the Dock bar and the Dash.

Want to play games? Install and play thousands of games for free.

TROMjaro aims toward ideal and future goals rather than immediate ones.

It presents in the Speed Dial page, from the preinstalled Firefox web browser, other trade-free projects like TROM documentary, books, videos and tools.

From the free tools you can find on it worth mentioning the TROM curated news website, the website with a huge collection of free educational documentaries and movies, as well as the website with webapps that can be installed on TROMjaro.

TROMjaro makes your system more flexible and versatile, lighter weight or heavier, smaller or larger, even makes it portable.

TROMjaro is a stable system using the very latest versions of every kind of application you need, from the Arch Linux and Manjaro community repositories, but also from various repositories compatible with most of the modern Linux distributions:

- AppImage (portable applications),

- Flatpak (so you can run the desired application in a sandbox) and

- Chaotic AUR (an automated building repo for AUR packages).

TROMjaro makes your system faster, more durable, more reliable, more powerful, eliminate drawbacks, leaves a larger capacity for memory and storage, makes everything look more accurate.

TROMjaro does not get slower day after day like other operating systems that require defragmenting for your hard drive.

Let your old computer have a second life, as TROMjaro also runs perfectly well on older hardware, on which other operating systems would probably even refuse to install, or leave you waiting for 20 seconds after each click.

TROMjaro makes using a computer safer.

There are no backdoors in your software. You can (almost) forget about viruses, the free GNU/Linux software protects your computer.

Easy to use and understand, reduces the fear to use, creates acceptance by others.

Just read the presentation to learn how easy it is to make full backups of your software and data!

TROMjaro automates tasks, provides better psychological and emotional appeal, it can be configured for self cleaning or self-repairing, it is quieter.

TROMjaro is also friendly to the environment, as it can be installed on USB sticks and one DVD can be legally used for installation on as many computers as you want; there are no boxes and no amount of plastic or paper is involved.

Also, forget about software drivers: very fast and standalone installation process, out-of-the-box ready peripherals (in most of the cases), less harm for the environment (because there is no need for all these CDs or DVDs that come with hardware any more).

TROMjaro applies to new use, offers more features and functions, integrate functions. Most of the software applications required to use your computer as you want are already included in TROMjaro.

Get the software for free instead of copying it illegally. When you need new software, don't bother searching the web because TROMjaro gets it for you:

  • keep an eye on a growing number of trade-free educational materials and tools from or
  • discover amazing trade-free apps.

Using these approaches: simplify, remove complexity, make more elegant (surprisingly simple yet surprisingly effective).

You can try TROMjaro without touching your current operating system (using a “Live DVD” or a “Live USB”, even in a Virtual Machine).

You can, of course, install TROMjaro on the newest computers and laptops and still keep your other operating system(s) with dual-boot, using EFI partitions.

Are your tired of restarting your computer all the time? Use TROMjaro to update your operating system AND all your software with a single click. After most of the TROMjaro updates you can keep your system running without a restart.

About the author of this presentation:

Hello, everybody! I am Alexio, a long-time Linux Mint Community member where I posted many ideas and some useful tutorials. Now I use TROMjaro, which is just another GNU/Linux distribution, based on Manjaro.
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