Here are several changes that are unique to TROMjaro:

  1. We have built a Layout Switcher for XFCE, that allows anyone to quickly switch between 6 different layouts.
  2. We have built our own Theme Switcher for XFCE: 10 accent colors, light/dark variants. Unlike any theme switcher that we are aware of, this one is able to apply our TROMjaro themes to pretty much all of the Linux apps out there (QT, GTK, GTK + LIbadwaita, Flatpaks). And work properly with them.
  3. We’ve applied the same fixes for the entire XFCE desktop for themes and icons – meaning, when you select a theme and an icon set, it will apply across multiple types of packages, unlike pretty much any distro out there.
  4. We have integrated and enabled the Chaotic-AUR repository.
  5. We ship with a lot of hand-picked Wallpapers that are more or less unique to our distro.
  6. We co-create the default TROMjaro icon pack, and therefore we make hundreds of custom icons for TROMjaro.
  7. We have enabled Global Menus and HUD.
  8. We added a lot more options for the Settings Manager, such as the ability to configure touchpad/mouse gestures, RGB lights, system and files backup, webcam, added a system cleaner and a lot more. Therefore a more complete set of Settings.
  9. We added gestures for mouse, touchpad and touchscreen.
  10. We test TROMjaro on touchscreen devices too, and optimize for that. For example we ship with a customized Virtual Keyboard.
  11. We enabled Flatpaks and AUR, plus we have our own small repository. Thus, users have full access to pretty much all apps that are available in Linux, from the get-go.
  12. We added support for Appimages.
  13. TROMjaro creates a system backup automatically every time there are important updates.
  14. We made sure that pretty much all common files (video, audio, documents, images) are opened with properly tested apps from the get-go. Meaning, you do nor have to worry about your files. Double click them and they simply work. We also added support for .torrents files.
  15. We ship with a heavily tweaked Firefox. We have removed most annoyances and trackers from Firefox, plus added a handful of addons and set them up, so that users will be protected from the online trades (ads and trackers are removed, alongside promotional content from youtube videos). Users can also save webpages or media files from Firefox directly.
  16. We’ve added a few unique and useful apps to TROMjaro, like a trade-free VPN, a simple file sharing app, messenger, and so forth.
  17. We added custom internet searches directly from the system’s menu. One can search via maps, images, videos, and so much more.
  18. Lastly, we have our own app library – we test thousands of apps and add only the trade-free ones to our library. TROMjaro users can directly install any of them from the website itself.

You can watch this series of videos about TROMjaro for a more in-depth presentation. Please see the homepage for an in-depth presentation of TROMjaro.

You can also access our build profile here (meaning you can build TROM-Jaro yourself).

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