• UPDATE (June 2023)
  • We have updated our release notes on https://forum.tromjaro.com/c/releases/5 to reflect the latest additions and changes: added the system-wide ad and tracker blocker (Internet Content Blocker) next to WebDAV support for Thunar and fingerprint reader support. Have a look!
  • Basically TROMjaro uses the latest Xfce and provides these from the get-go:
  • the Layout Switcher app with 6 customized layouts to make it easier to use and more functional (it can replicate most of the well known OS layouts out there: Windows, MX, Unity, MacOS, GNOME, TopX)
  • the new Theme Switcher app with dark/light themes and 10 color pairs to choose from (works with gtk, qt, even libadwaita, even with flatpacks!! - the ones that accept system theming)
  • tens of high quality flat-wallpapers that are hand-picked
  • a custom icon theme
  • the new system theme that has 10 color variations & is integrated very well into the entire system, supporting both GTK and QT apps
  • makes the terminal super cool, switching from bash to zsh
  • enables mouse and trackpad gestures via 2 separate apps (very powerful apps)
  • allows to control of RGB lights for the keyboard
  • automated system backups & a file-system backup app
  • apps to open or edit most known audio, image, documents or torrent files
  • a customized Firefox that removes the BS, the trackers, ads, sponsored content, and a lot more
  • you can even download media files from the browser itself, from most websites, or access scientific papers for free
  • basic apps to record your desktop, voice, webcam app, notes app
  • app to share unlimited amount of files
  • app to communicate with anyone without any server involved (text, video or audio)
  • a trade-free VPN to protect your internet usage
  • a powerful password manager that's integrated with the browser
  • a great RSS reader
  • a map explorer
  • and hundreds of trade-free hand curated apps that you can install from the website directly
  • Take advantage of it!
2021/09/04 08:47 · alexio
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