The Open Source community is filled with amazing people who are very happy to help everyone with their software-related issues (trade-free). We encourage you to always ask for help in case you need it. Alternatively you can submit your issue to our TROM support here. Think about the fact that if you are trying to solve a problem, and are vocal about it on these online places, and you get the proper help to fix that problem, then other humans coming across the same issue will be able to find that solution. And so, your online reporting/involvement doesn’t only help you, it helps the entire community.

If you want to report any problem regarding a particular application it is best to report to the developers of that software. It is easy. In Add/Remove Software simply double-click an application to see more details about it. There you’ll find links to the AUR or GIT websites. Use any to report. Help the community!

TROM-Jaro is basically a customized Manjaro, therefore we ask you to please use Manjaro’s forums if possible. They are more knowledgeable, active, and have great support forum overall. A bunch of us from TROM-Jaro are also active on Manjaro forums (as much as we can), to provide support. Please tag “tromjaro” on Manjaro forum so that we try to help you there.

If you experience any issue with any application that we recommend in APPS, please comment on that application’s page, not here.

If you want to report bugs or recommend features or changes please use our GitLab page.

If, after reading all that, you still consider that you may need our immediate support, please post your comment here or please use our live chat – you need no registration.

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