The Dash is the place where you will find everything on your system. You can activate it by clicking the Dock Bar “dots” at the bottom of it (the Dash icon), or press the Windows or Command key on your keyboard. The first option will open all of your applications and from there you can sort them any way you want (in folders); second option (the keyboard keys shortcuts) will bring up the virtual screens (drag and drop windows between them). In both cases, activating the Dash will allow you to search for anything within your system.

In TROM-Jaro if you want to do something, then you probably have a word or two in mind. So, if you want to change some audio settings, simply open the Dash and start typing “audio” or “sound” and you’ll find them immediately. Want to install new software? Either search directly the name of the software you want to install, and TROM-Jaro will find it for you (then you can click and install), or search for “install” or “software” or both, to open the “software center”. Dash is the way you communicate with your computer, and anytime you want something just go there and start typing.

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