If you want a “fool-proof” operating system then spend 2 minutes after installing TROM-Jaro to set up the backups. After those 2 minutes you’ll forget that they exist, but they will “save your ass” at one point. We recommend 3 vital steps, using pre-installed TROM-Jaro tools:

1. Use Déjà Dup to back up your entire Home folder: if you have enough storage space (like an external hard drive) then set up Déjà Dup (called “Backups” in TROM-Jaro) to backup the entire Home directory once a day (and choose encrypted backups). Déjà Dup is easy to navigate. If you don’t have enough storage space for backups, exclude some folders (maybe Videos, or Music) – up to you. Now Déjà Dup will make an encrypted backup of your Home folder every day. Déjà Dup is integrated into the system so you can simply right click any file on your computer and restore it to a previous version.

2. Use Timeshift to back up your System: by default TROM-Jaro creates a backup of your System using Timeshift before every system update, to make sure no update will break your system. However, you can also configure Timeshift to do regular backups the way you prefer. See the GIF to the right for how to set it up (a very simple 4 steps process).

The reason we recommend two types of backups is because it offers greater flexibility and control. Say you do something that breaks some parts of your System and want to restore only your system. Simply use Timeshift to restore the System. No reason to also restore the Files (Home).

3. Keep a USB drive with TROM-Jaro around: in case any update or something you do breaks your System in a way that you cannot boot into it, simply insert the TROM-Jaro USB drive, boot from it, and open Timeshift then click “restore” – choose the folder where you have the Timeshift backups, then choose a snapshot, and restore.

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