In Linux you can mainly separate the “files” in 2 categories.

The Home: a place where all of your files and settings are stored. If (say) you install the Kdenlive video editor, it installs in “System”, but its settings are stored in “Home”. So, imagine you have this app installed and you do a lot of changes to it (tweak the interface, create your own effects, etc.). If you then uninstall it (it gets removed from the System), the settings remain in Home and will be there whenever you want to reinstall the app. This is perfect for backups since you can “detach” your Home directory from the rest of the System and back it up separately. As an example, if you backup all of your Home folder, then reinstall TROM-Jaro, you can restore your Home to the new installation and all of your settings will be in place, for your system and applications.

The System: a place that most normal users do not even know it exists :D, nor do they have any need to “mess” with it. The ones who know, need no explanation.

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