Videoneat Documentaries

  • Food Inc. 2 (2024/07/13 14:41)
    Robert Kenner and Melissa Robledo team up with authors Michael Pollan and Eric Schlosser to examine the modern food industry's efficiency and vulnerabilities.
  • The Mole: Undercover In North Korea (2024/07/10 15:51)
    A real-life undercover thriller about two ordinary men who embark on an outrageously dangerous ten-year mission to penetrate the world's most secretive and brutal dictatorship: North Korea.
  • Mysterious Origins of Insects (2024/07/09 15:56)
    A journey into the eye-opening realm of insects to explore how scientists are using traditional and cutting-edge techniques to search for a single, common insect ancestor.
  • The Grab (2024/07/07 21:09)
    The film follows investigative journalists at The Center for Investigative Reporting as they uncover efforts by foreign actors to control food and water to the detriment of local populations.
  • Where Olive Trees Weep (2024/06/28 20:31)
    Where Olive Trees Weep offers a searing window into the struggles and resilience of the Palestinian people under Israeli occupation.
  • The Cancer Detectives (2024/06/27 12:41)
    The story of how the life-saving cervical cancer test became an ordinary part of women’s lives is as unusual and remarkable as the coalition of people who ultimately made it possible.
  • Big Brands’ Green Claims Uncovered (2024/06/25 13:19)
    Panorama investigates the green projects that say they can help brands cancel out their carbon emissions. But do the claims stack up?
  • Hamas’s Secret Financial Empire (2024/06/23 14:28)
    Following the attacks of 7 October, Israel has vowed to destroy Hamas. But can it? With access to some of Hamas’s most closely guarded secrets, John Ware investigates its network outside Gaza.
  • Total Trust: Surveillance State (2024/05/11 12:17)
    A Storyville documentary that explores, in intimate detail, state surveillance and digital social control in China by following the experiences of two families and a journalist.
  • Ukraine: Enemy in the Woods (2024/04/15 14:41)
    A revealing and moving portrait of lives compromised by war, filmed exclusively by Ukrainian soldiers with extraordinary access to a tightly controlled front line.
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