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TROMjaro Apps

The recommended way is to go to our APPS section where we curate trade-free applications.

Click any, then simply click install.

You will see a window showcasing what it will be installed and it will ask you to accept that or to cancel it.

Click Apply then add your administrator password, and the application will install.

As simple as that: click, apply, add password.

In TROM-Jaro you can find thousands upon thousands of applications.

Pretty much every single application that is available for Linux is available in Add/Remove Software in TROM-Jaro.

On this page you will find curated trade-free applications (we are adding more and more all the time). The “install” button works by default with TROM-Jaro 01.10.19 and newer.

Categories: Accessories, Graphics, Internet, Office, Science, Sound & Video, System Tools

217. Shotcut a free, open source, cross-platform video editor
218. SMTube Sound & Video - YouTube browser for SMPlayer
218. Spectral Internet - a glossy native [Matrix] client
219. SuperTux
220. Vinagre
221. uGet
222. Vocal W.A.I.T. (What Am I Trading?) This app uses iTunes for certain functionalities, which means that Apple may collect data about the users. Users trade their data in order to access the iTunes service.
223. VPaint
224. SuperTux Kart
225. Wings 3D
226. Sound Konverter
227. Spectrum W.A.I.T. (What Am I Trading?) Since Spectrum is a centralized service, then they can ban/censor content. Thus what you trade is your freedom of expression to their internal rules.
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