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  • Scouting for Girls: Fashion’s Darkest Secret (2023/08/22 21:19)
    Three-part docuseries Scouting for Girls: Fashion's Darkest Secret reveals how a group of men behind the world's most successful modelling agencies were involved in a darker side of the industry.
  • Tablets for Depression (2023/07/24 23:36)
    Although antidepressants are prescribed with increasing frequency, their efficacy is the subject of debate. It's known that placebos can be just as effective in cases of mild-to-moderate depression. Nevertheless, in Germany you're now eight times more likely to be prescribed the medication than in the 1990s.
  • Inside Russia: Traitors and Heroes (2023/07/14 22:11)
    Despite the huge risks, two Russian film-makers have been filming the impact of the invasion of Ukraine in their country.
  • Ancient Builders of the Amazon (2023/07/10 02:25)
    Archaeological discoveries reveal long-forgotten ancient civilizations in the Amazon.
  • Carbon Colonialism (2023/07/07 12:44)
    In the race to curb catastrophic climate change, prominent Australian businesses have been enthusiastic customers of carbon credits.
  • Cocaine and the Netherlands (2023/07/03 10:18)
    Organized crime in The Netherlands is flourishing in tandem with the cocaine trade
  • TROM II: A Message to the Aliens (2023/06/20 13:20)
    Through the lives of 5 humans, we look at the culture that creates them, their struggles growing up on this planet, and where they are headed toward.
  • Beyond the Elements (2023/06/18 15:27)
    Picking up where he left off in NOVA’s popular special, Hunting the Elements, David Pogue sets out on a worldwide quest to find the key molecules and chemical reactions that have paved the way for human civilization, life, and even the universe as we know it.
  • Jellyfish on the rise? (2023/06/17 10:44)
    Jellyfish are on the rise, and the cause seems to be the warming up of the oceans.
  • AI Rising (2023/06/16 21:45)
    As tech companies race to dominate the artificial intelligence market, trying to one-up each other in the pursuit of profit, many experts are warning that we're not prepared for what happens next.
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